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My GIM (Goa Institute of Management) Interview

Here are the questions that were asked to me in my GIM interview:

Q1: What is the meaning of your name?
Q2: So you have done major in ece, Can you tell me some new technologies that are coming in telecommunications?
Q3: How 3G can be implemented?
Q4: When do you think 4G technology will come in India?
Q5: What the telecom operators will have to do to install 4G in india?
Q6: Can we jump to 4G directly instead of using 3G?
Q7: What are the smart antennas? ( I wrote a Publication on this). Where it is used now a days?
Q8: What do you know about communicating with others with the help of chip fitted on the body?
Q9: What other new features and technologies you can see in Cell Phones in coming Years?
Q10: What are you doing Currently and what is your role there?
Q11: Give your views about your performance in GD earlier..

Thank you......

Thats all......................
A tough interview.. everything technical and related to new practical technologies being researched........huh!!.......
In the end, I was wondering if I was giving another B.Tech VIVA or an MBA Interview??.......

Their result will come in about 20 days..... Fingers crossed....

Friday, September 21, 2007


Some of the things that I had learnt in my life :

* Everything in this life happens as if pre-planned by GOD, No body can change it.

* If somebody does not like a person and does not want to talk with him/her, he/she often make an excuse "I am/was busy", to ignore him/her.

* A person can get success in my life only when he is confident that he will succeed.

* Hurting a person with pure and true heart will always reflect back to you with someone hurting more than you.

* Live each day as it was your last day on the earth. By doing so you will not only be free from past tensions but will also be able to satisfy yourself each day.

* It is the mindset of a person that make him/her sick, depress, fail, succeed and even live and die.

* Happiness and grief is balanced in ones life. So if GOD is giving you series of grief in your life, don't be afraid, he is planning to give you a series of happiness.

* A person can succeed in life if and only if he/she has a clear heart.